Online/Private Lesson

Private Lesson

Besides in-class courses, we also offer private lessons to cater to your needs. For those who are busy during the week, Saturday and Sunday lessons are offered as well. Please email [email protected] for more details.

Online Lesson (for ages above 9th Grade)

Language is an effective tool of communication and socialization. A language should be learned through communication and opportunities to socialize with native speaking individuals. For most people, a traditional classroom setting is the best way to learn a new language. However, you are not like “most people.”

You are busy.
Your schedule does not always allow for traditional classes.
Traveling to attend a class is not always an option for you.
We understand.

You need convenience.
You need the class to come to you.
You need individualized instruction which meets the demands of your busy lifestyle.

We understand.
We have a convenient solution to meet your needs.

Our “Face-to-Face” remote lessons are for busy individuals just like you. The concept of our remote lessons is to offer you “Face-to-Face private lessons through a computer screen.” Your lessons will focus on communication and will be very different from an ordinary online course where you would watch a pre-recorded class with audio files. For $40 per hour, you will interact with our highly qualified instructors via web conferencing, receiving personalized instruction based on your needs and requests.

Contact us today at [email protected] to arrange your first lesson.